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"Creating a harmony of the body, mind, and spirit through the vibration of universal energy."
— Our Mission

Singing Bowls

Himalayan singing bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore vibratory frequencies of body mind and soul. It's a common belief that the seven metals astrologically associated with the seven (then known) planets were combined in the making of the singing bowls the seven metals, and their planetary associations are:

  • Crown-Gold-Sun
  • Third Eye-Silver-Moon
  • Throat-Copper-Venus
  • Heart-Iron-Mars
  • Navel-Mercury-Mercury
  • Root-Lead-Saturn

Chakras have individual tones associated with them and the tones match with the range of sounds singing bowls provide.

Shamanic Drum

Shamanic Drums

Rhythm healing is an ancient approach that uses therapeutic techniques to promote health and well being. Rhythm healing relies on the natural law of resonance to restore the vibrational integrity of body mind and spirit.